How to Choose Your Infrastructure and Connectivity Provider

Once you have decided to take the leap and get on the cloud, the next step is to choose the provider that better adjusts to your business needs, one that you can also fully trust the services it offers and its capabilities.

A managed services provider is a third-party company that provides you with infrastructure, application, hosting, data center, remote hands, connectivity, or storage-based services.

These services work just like when you own a home and pay for the services you consume, such as gas or energy. Normally, you only have to pay for the services you use and the ones your business requires.

A good provider offers you the technological services that you should have as well as those you need. These include fundamental Infrastructure that may include networks, storage, servers, and virtualization. Also, platforms and tools needed to design applications and software that consists of customized applications, colocation, etc.

Things to consider when choosing your cloud service provider

  • What kind of services do you offer?
  • What channels do you use for your company’s operations?
  • The demand for your services and the way in which your clients can access them.

It is also important to ensure that the provider you select is fully committed to understanding your business goals and fulfill your expectations when using cloud and managed services.

More Cloud Companies

Nowadays, the services that the cloud offers to all types of businesses continues to be a reason for the technology industry to continue to grow without limits.

According to new data from the Synergy Research Group, seven key segments of the cloud infrastructure and market services profited from operators and providers for the first half of 2019 exceeded the $ 150 billion, having grown 24% since the first half of 2018.

According to this report, cloud-associated markets are growing at rates ranging from 10% to over 40%, and annual cloud spending will double in less than four years.

The cloud is increasingly dominating the landscape of technological Information. It has opened up a range of opportunities for new market participants and for new attention-seeking technologies and business models.

No company can be oblivious to these facts, that’s why by becoming part of the cloud your business goes to the forefront of the global technology market.

In addition to paying only for what you use, cloud service providers bring great benefits to companies. Businesses can take advantage of their flexibility as they are not limited to physical constraints and take advantage of the safety and security of cloud storage.

What are the attributes that your cloud service provider should have?

After this analysis, it is worth making a checklist of the following attributes that will surely facilitate your decision.

Know your provider

The first step to building trust is knowing who you can grow your business with, its experience on the topic, location, success stories, and services that can be useful for your company.

If possible, check the references, and how you can get in touch with them, what support channels are available, how they provide support, advice, and respond to your concerns.

Just as much as infrastructure is important, 24/7 support can really make a difference.


Thanks to recent innovations in cloud storage service configurations, those with the best infrastructure are the ones that provide the best results for your business. You always have to review the infrastructure that the provider has available for you and how it can respond to your needs.


If support personnel are near to your data center, maintaining your physical infrastructure will be easier.

Being present in the main cities or locations where the service is required, will allow you to have permanently local service availability to prevent services from being outsourced, this way the provider can be present where your business is and where you need it and guarantee your services from start to finish.


One of the most important issues for any company is the security of its information and its processes, so it is best to hire reliable organizations that understand the security risks that your business might face and also the compliance and requirements of applicable rules.

Human talent

In these processes, it is key to find people who understand your business and more than that, people who can give efficient solutions to the problems that may arise.

The support team must not only be specialized in each area but also adequately understand the language of each place, each requirement. It is an advantage to have trained personnel in different languages, in order to respond to each client’s necessities.


It is important that the provider you choose can offer you a mix of services that meets your needs with comprehensive solutions that will avoid higher or unexpected future costs.

For example, a constantly evolving variety of data centers, infrastructure as a service, managed services, and connectivity, plus a portfolio of services, and professional solutions so that your business has more options.

Your Clients are Their Clients

Customer service is an added value that all companies should take into account. Having personalized technicians at your disposal in any situation is essential for your customers to value your services even more.

It’s crucial to have a Remote Smart Hands team that is immediately available on request and guarantees an effective response that will be transmitted in the same way to your customers.


At Edgeuno we have been connecting the world with the best technological infrastructure for 20 years! And we know how important this choice is to you and your business, that’s why we strive to give you the best solutions. Visit our web to know more and get in touch to develop a solution according to your needs.

Datacenter: The Heart of the Internet and Your Best Ally

A digitized world

It’s a reality that more and more people have parallel lives, the digital world is an important part of all of our lives. Nowadays, regardless of age, social status, etc., we use social networks and search for almost everything on the internet, in addition to conducting our work and business this way.

There is a version of us on the internet, either through profiles on social networks or our brand´s presence on the network.

In the most recent edition of the 2020 We Are Social Hootsuite report, Internet user population is said to have reached more than half of the global population. It should be noted that this year the number already reaches 4,540 million, that is to say, it is almost 59% of the world population.

In relation to social network users, the increasing figure is 9.2%, about 321 million more users. Regarding the growth of mobile users, during the last 12 months they increased by 2.4%, that is, 124 million more than last year. And following the theory of parallel realities, internet users in the world spend 6 hours 43 minutes connected to the network every single day. This is almost the same as a common workday and almost a quarter of our life.

Impressive isn’t it? But what do these figures have to do with unexpected events that may affect the continuance of your company’s operations?

Reliability Above All

According to Forbes, thousands of people were unable to watch the end of a popular Tv series called Game of Thrones because HBO’s streaming system was unable to handle the high volume of users that were connected at the same hour. An unexpected event that HBO might not have been prepared for.

Data centers are the heart of the digital world and they are responsible for millions of people being able to interact on the network through different services.

At times like this, in which people have had to carry out their daily activities from home, the Data Centers take on a special relevance because their capacity had to be doubled, especially in telecommunications and technological companies.

Thanks to this infrastructure, millions of people can carry out their daily tasks such as working from home as well as buying supplies on the internet without anything stopping them.

That’s why it’s vital that data centers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also need to count with proper management since they have hundreds of servers where everything happens. Basically, we rely on them to be able to use Facebook or online banking.

How Your Company Benefits from a Datacenter

A data center is a physical or virtual infrastructure used to host computer systems that can process or store data. It is a data storage, backup service, data recovery, and information management service for your company.

These services present a great opportunity for companies through a wide variety of options for your business because they are designed to store information and have it available 24/7, and they are also prepared for climate and unexpected events of any kind.

Some of its main advantages have to do with capacity, speed of response, and something extremely fundamental for companies around the world: safety.

Maximized Capabilities

Data centers provide a housing service, through which clients install their own computer or telecommunications equipment in a physical space within the center.

This service can widely favor companies that are starting up and cannot invest in hardware: servers, storage (storage), switches (communication equipment), etc., Also it works for those which already have their own equipment since they can build a contingency site in the center.

This way, if your business does not yet have enough resources, you will save money thanks to not having to develop your own computing center.

It’s crucial that your company has a dedicated hosting server, receiving a large amount of resources and opportunities that will open new doors for your business. With 99.99% uptime, your customers will have a great experience dealing with your network.

Increased Power

With the virtual private server and business hosting options, you can have a unique space for your site. This provides you with a greater amount of energy that extends your site’s capabilities.

Excellent Security for Your Business

If someone wants to breach your information, don’t worry! Having the right infrastructure and expert staff will ensure that your data is always protected.

The provider you select must have all the necessary equipment, strict registration, and operations audit procedures that ensure maximum compliance with all security requirements. Thanks to these measures, you will not need any other type of surveillance on your infrastructure.

24-hour Availability

With this service, your business can be connected online 24/7/365. Best of all, clients will have an expert team to support them at any time. More importantly, your company’s management will no longer depend on an office since you can access and manage your information from anywhere and at any time.

 Fast Connection

Through a Data Center, the response to a request you make to your servers will be much faster, which means you can offer your customers a solution to their needs immediately.

Transfer to the Digital World

Having access to a large number of unique data center and hosting options, allows you to choose an individualized plan that best suits your specific goals and needs. You will have many invaluable benefits to your business. Best of all, you pay for what you use to avoid unnecessary expenses and adjust your budget.

Experts at Your Service

EdgeUno was founded in Silicon Valley by a team of innovative executives with experience at Equinix, Microsoft, and Yahoo! That’s why we offer you everything you need so that your business never stops, even when you face unexpected events.

In addition, we recently launched four new data centers in South America, located in; Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Santiago in Chile, and Buenos Aires in Argentina.

The new data centers will allow EdgeUno to bring support to companies that want to access the Latin American market with hosting options featuring ultra-low latency and high availability connections.

Visit our web to know more and get in touch to develop a solution according to your needs.