Customer Service: More Important Every Day

Thanks to technology, customers are no longer the same today as they were a few years ago, it’s an indisputable truth and a challenge that more and more businesses face nowadays.

Today’s customers no longer have the patience to wait long hours on the phone. They find it absurd if there are no digital channels that allow them to make everything easier and faster. They hope to interact with companies through diverse channels and expect an immediate and effective response.

On the other hand, companies are finding ways to reach more people where they are, when they need to. However, not doing it properly or not serving your clients the way they expect brings harsh consequences.

The result is clear: dissatisfied customers will no longer let you know that they are leaving you, they will simply disappear and go to your competitor if you do not meet their needs. Customer service has already begun to be perceived as a differential value in how customers choose brands.

What do Customers Think?

Stephen Kolsky, a customer experience expert, conducts an annual survey that collects data from hundreds of customer service surveys and customer experience management professionals.

According to an article based on this research, 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience. Kolsky indicates that the word “guaranteed” refers to the fact that customers are no longer satisfied with the mere promise of a good experience.

  • It also indicates that 84% of consumers are frustrated when the customer service agent does not have the proper information.
  • 91% of dissatisfied customers who don’t complain, just leave.
  • Only 1 in 26 dissatisfied customers complains. The rest just unsubscribe.
  • 70% of companies offering the best customer experience use customer feedback – up from the industry average of 50% and 29% for the laggards.

According to this article, “…From all these figures there are several conclusions. Companies should not see the absence of feedback as a sign of satisfaction. In the research, Kolsky goes on to suggest that most companies are not investing enough to train their employees in the proper use of social media, and he claims that companies that use social media use it as a megaphone, not as two-way communication.”

In the expert´s opinion, in the digital economy, not responding to customers’ requests on social networks can cause as much damage as not responding to a phone or email request … ”

Hence the relevance of this issue in any industry, but if it is technology services, the responsibility is greater. Being a technology service provider has a double challenge, the services need to satisfy the needs of the company´s owner and also his business’ clientele.

In other words, excellent customer service will impact the main user and the thousands of end-users who enjoy the services they perform through the network.

The Other Side

Considering that the success of customer service depends largely on the presence of two-way channels, we must talk about the work of customer service teams.

They, too, are moving away from their “traditional” role and have had to explore new areas to create consistent experiences across all channels and find ways to strengthen customer relationships.

An example of this is the solutions offered by the cloud to strengthen customer relationships, as they allow support teams to scale and collaborate fast and effectively on the solution that the customer needs.

It is worth remembering that, in today’s highly competitive market, the service must be social and accessible at all times and on all channels.

This type of technology allows companies to provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Customers Grow, Channels Also

Companies have had to venture into this concept, some still do not see it as a priority, but the majority have found new channels, new forms and new languages.

It is very important to have channels according to the needs of the clients, among which we can name online support, email marketing, social networks, mobile technology, telemarketing, among others.

Even when these technological tools are defined as a facilitating option of the relationship with the client, it is key to have the appropriate technological support. And when we refer to support, it is not only a matter of technological infrastructure but also of the human team behind this management, which must sometimes be permanent.

Having a provider with a great support team is sometimes much more relevant than the infrastructure itself. This increased demand from customers increases the number of inquiries, which in turn can translate into more hours of work and greater availability of resources and resolution experience by technicians.

Memorable Experiences

So, if you are looking for tools that offer memorable experiences for your clients and cutting-edge technology, at EdgeUno we offer a high-quality personalized service obsessed with the client. We have 24x7x365 service support and immediate problem management and communications related to all key milestones of warranty and service provision.

We believe 100% in fluid, close relationships, and direct interactions with our local partners and the network operations team, hence the importance of always keeping our communication channels open through the ticketing system, Slack, and Whatsapp. We serve your requirements and those of your clients at your own pace and according to your needs.

EdgeUno is present in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and North America. By being present in such different regions we want clients to feel certain that we will accompany them in any of these places, that’s why our support and operations teams are made up of trilingual engineers and technicians.

Visit our web to know more and get in touch to develop a solution according to your needs.

How to Choose Your Infrastructure and Connectivity Provider

Once you have decided to take the leap and get on the cloud, the next step is to choose the provider that better adjusts to your business needs, one that you can also fully trust the services it offers and its capabilities.

A managed services provider is a third-party company that provides you with infrastructure, application, hosting, data center, remote hands, connectivity, or storage-based services.

These services work just like when you own a home and pay for the services you consume, such as gas or energy. Normally, you only have to pay for the services you use and the ones your business requires.

A good provider offers you the technological services that you should have as well as those you need. These include fundamental Infrastructure that may include networks, storage, servers, and virtualization. Also, platforms and tools needed to design applications and software that consists of customized applications, colocation, etc.

Things to consider when choosing your cloud service provider

  • What kind of services do you offer?
  • What channels do you use for your company’s operations?
  • The demand for your services and the way in which your clients can access them.

It is also important to ensure that the provider you select is fully committed to understanding your business goals and fulfill your expectations when using cloud and managed services.

More Cloud Companies

Nowadays, the services that the cloud offers to all types of businesses continues to be a reason for the technology industry to continue to grow without limits.

According to new data from the Synergy Research Group, seven key segments of the cloud infrastructure and market services profited from operators and providers for the first half of 2019 exceeded the $ 150 billion, having grown 24% since the first half of 2018.

According to this report, cloud-associated markets are growing at rates ranging from 10% to over 40%, and annual cloud spending will double in less than four years.

The cloud is increasingly dominating the landscape of technological Information. It has opened up a range of opportunities for new market participants and for new attention-seeking technologies and business models.

No company can be oblivious to these facts, that’s why by becoming part of the cloud your business goes to the forefront of the global technology market.

In addition to paying only for what you use, cloud service providers bring great benefits to companies. Businesses can take advantage of their flexibility as they are not limited to physical constraints and take advantage of the safety and security of cloud storage.

What are the attributes that your cloud service provider should have?

After this analysis, it is worth making a checklist of the following attributes that will surely facilitate your decision.

Know your provider

The first step to building trust is knowing who you can grow your business with, its experience on the topic, location, success stories, and services that can be useful for your company.

If possible, check the references, and how you can get in touch with them, what support channels are available, how they provide support, advice, and respond to your concerns.

Just as much as infrastructure is important, 24/7 support can really make a difference.


Thanks to recent innovations in cloud storage service configurations, those with the best infrastructure are the ones that provide the best results for your business. You always have to review the infrastructure that the provider has available for you and how it can respond to your needs.


If support personnel are near to your data center, maintaining your physical infrastructure will be easier.

Being present in the main cities or locations where the service is required, will allow you to have permanently local service availability to prevent services from being outsourced, this way the provider can be present where your business is and where you need it and guarantee your services from start to finish.


One of the most important issues for any company is the security of its information and its processes, so it is best to hire reliable organizations that understand the security risks that your business might face and also the compliance and requirements of applicable rules.

Human talent

In these processes, it is key to find people who understand your business and more than that, people who can give efficient solutions to the problems that may arise.

The support team must not only be specialized in each area but also adequately understand the language of each place, each requirement. It is an advantage to have trained personnel in different languages, in order to respond to each client’s necessities.


It is important that the provider you choose can offer you a mix of services that meets your needs with comprehensive solutions that will avoid higher or unexpected future costs.

For example, a constantly evolving variety of data centers, infrastructure as a service, managed services, and connectivity, plus a portfolio of services, and professional solutions so that your business has more options.

Your Clients are Their Clients

Customer service is an added value that all companies should take into account. Having personalized technicians at your disposal in any situation is essential for your customers to value your services even more.

It’s crucial to have a Remote Smart Hands team that is immediately available on request and guarantees an effective response that will be transmitted in the same way to your customers.


At Edgeuno we have been connecting the world with the best technological infrastructure for 20 years! And we know how important this choice is to you and your business, that’s why we strive to give you the best solutions. Visit our web to know more and get in touch to develop a solution according to your needs.

An Opportunity to Move to The Cloud and Impulse Digital Transformation?

This year, with the appearance of COVID-19, there are surely several questions popping up in your mind. Should your company go virtual? Should you move to the could? Is this the time for digital transformation? If so, how can you do it and what benefits would it bring you?

These issues do not only concern customer service but also new operating protocols, product sales, marketing, etc. The situation has forced different sectors to enhance their services through new tools that facilitate their processes.

The challenge is even greater when it comes to information management or data management. Various industries, such as banking or commerce, face the handling of vast amounts of information and sometimes do not have the necessary infrastructure to manage it efficiently and securely.

In emergencies such as the mandatory preventive isolation that is experienced worldwide, access and security of information become a crucial issue.

Latent Risks

“… From the beginning of February to the end of April 2020, attacks targeting the financial sector internationally have increased by 238%, as reported by the Modern Bank Heists report prepared by VMware Carbon Black … ”

This is a perfect example of the risks that are arising to the lack of adequate technology infrastructure.

Common concerns are often interoperability, 24×7 uptime, secure storage, fraud attempts, cyberattacks, etc.

Information management in the cloud allows companies to manage files and use applications without having to install them on any computer with Internet access.

This technology offers much more efficient use of resources, such as storage, memory, processing, and bandwidth. The backbone of this type of cloud managed services is infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

But, what is laaS? IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service and is a model of cloud computing.

Imminent Solutions

An IaaS provider manages all technical and infrastructure resources, including storage, networks, and servers, etc. via the Internet.

One of its main advantages is that you will not have to buy servers or hire additional personnel for your company. All you need is an Internet connection and login credentials to access your services.

Businesses using infrastructure as a service (laaS) can significantly reduce their infrastructure costs by not needing to purchase hardware for their data centers,, maintain or replace equipment, or guarantee 24x7x365 availability.

In addition, since the amount and complexity of the resources needed can vary depending on different fluctuating factors, companies can pay only for what they use, helping you avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing your own physical servers and other data center infrastructure.

In the case of commerce, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) can improve business continuity and help you recover from infrastructure disasters or crises. This can sometimes be very expensive because it requires a significant amount of technology and personnel.

But, with the right service level agreement, IaaS can reduce this cost and allow normal access to your applications and data during a disaster or blackout.

Furthermore, it allows you to innovate quickly when marketing a new product or initiative because the necessary IT infrastructure can be ready in a matter of hours or minutes, instead of the days or weeks (sometimes months) that it would normally take.

According to a study prepared by the International Data Corporation (IDC), it is estimated that almost 70% of organizations and companies use some type of cloud to work, because they have identified its benefits, being cybersecurity one of the most important. Companies like Adidas, Carrefour, Novartis, BMW, and Spotify are just a few examples that have used the cloud as part of their innovation and success.

Time to Move Forward

Transitions for some companies are not easy, many businesses still feel more confident having their information stored locally.

That’s why it’s important to find a partner that not only offers the right infrastructure but the necessary support and knowledge from expert advisers who truly understand the importance of this benefit and can clearly communicate why this change is essential for your company.

Why should you consider uploading to the cloud and using laaS service?

If your company executes a large number of projects, if your business faces variations in demand, or if your approach to the market is more data-based, and of course you want to grow! Infrastructure as a service (laaS) is a great opportunity that will bring you enormous benefits in a short time.

Trusting your company’s information to a supplier requires that it complies with all the guarantees, protocols, and experience while managing it effectively. Your partner must understand your needs and feel your concerns as its own in order to keep your priorities intact and your company safe.

Today, no one wants to face a crisis in which company information and security may be at risk.

Credibility and experience are necessary items in the laaS provider you choose to advance in the virtualization of your information. The support of people who understand your needs and are willing to attend to your requirements permanently is also very important.

We can accompany you at every moment of the transition, from platform evaluations to the migration of your workloads to the cloud, which will guarantee a memorable experience for your work, making your life easier, as well as of your employees and clients.

At EdgeUno, we offer a number of unique hosting options that allow you to choose an individualized plan that best suits your needs and specific goals.

Your project will be backed by our support network of highly specialized professionals obsessed with customer service, who are ready to converse in your language and thus better understand your requirements.

EdgeUno is the partner you need to make your access and expansion to Latin America easy and hassle-free. Visit our website to know more and get in touch with us to develop a solution according to your needs.