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The only IP Network you need for Latin America

EdgeUno operates AS7195, the most connected IP network in Latin America. With the most diverse and prominent combination of connections to Carriers, Operators and ISPs combined with peering agreements across 30+ locations in Latin America, we deliver the lowest latency IP experience where you need it, when you need it.

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Ensure your network performance by delivering low latency and high throughput, improving your end-user experience with instant access to more than 30 data centers and 15Tbit/s of backbone capacity in Latin America.

For Application & Content Providers:

  • Whether you’re already operating in our regions or looking to enter some of the fastest growing markets globally, we get you closer to more end-users in more locations than anyone else. 
  • Reduce complexity while accelerating your expansion into Latin America. We simplify connecting to more local networks than anybody else with high capacity, low latency routes. 
  • Simplify your operating environment with direct access to our Network Operations Center on a 24*7 basis. Our engineers provide you with a single point of contact for moves, changes or issue resolution. 

For Carriers & Internet Service Providers:

  • Connect to EdgeUno directly at any one of our 35+ locations in Latin America and instantly access thousands of other networks across the region and globally. 
  • Deliver Content and Applications to your customers with a lower latency and improved quality of service as a result of our direct connections to the most popular sources. 
  • Enjoy direct access to our Network Operations Center on a 24*7 basis, ensuring we always provide you with the level of service your customers expect.

Performance and Latency

Key to any customer experience is the performance of the network to deliver content or applications. At EdgeUno we’ve taken that to the next level with one of the largest backbone networks in Latin America delivering content to over 35+ locations across the region. Add our localized hyper-scaled Infrastructure and Connectivity and the user experience we enable at a local level in every country we operate in is second to none. 

We deliver resilient internet connectivity with multiple paths and built-in redundancy across all components within the network ensuring that our service levels match the speed and performance of our network. 

Performance is not just a technical requirement. Just as important is how we perform every time you reach out to us for help or to expand your services with us. At EdgeUno, we provide you with a dedicated, single point of contact for any deployment activity and direct access to some of the best engineers in the industry to support you. We operate our IP Network like nobody else in terms of proactive and preventative activities at both the physical and virtual layer, ensuring that we continuously meet your commitments to your customers. 

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