An Opportunity to Move to The Cloud and Impulse Digital Transformation?

An Opportunity to Move to The Cloud and Impulse Digital Transformation?

This year, with the appearance of COVID-19, there are surely several questions popping up in your mind. Should your company go virtual? Should you move to the could? Is this the time for digital transformation? If so, how can you do it and what benefits would it bring you?

These issues do not only concern customer service but also new operating protocols, product sales, marketing, etc. The situation has forced different sectors to enhance their services through new tools that facilitate their processes.

The challenge is even greater when it comes to information management or data management. Various industries, such as banking or commerce, face the handling of vast amounts of information and sometimes do not have the necessary infrastructure to manage it efficiently and securely.

In emergencies such as the mandatory preventive isolation that is experienced worldwide, access and security of information become a crucial issue.

Latent Risks

“… From the beginning of February to the end of April 2020, attacks targeting the financial sector internationally have increased by 238%, as reported by the Modern Bank Heists report prepared by VMware Carbon Black … ”

This is a perfect example of the risks that are arising to the lack of adequate technology infrastructure.

Common concerns are often interoperability, 24×7 uptime, secure storage, fraud attempts, cyberattacks, etc.

Information management in the cloud allows companies to manage files and use applications without having to install them on any computer with Internet access.

This technology offers much more efficient use of resources, such as storage, memory, processing, and bandwidth. The backbone of this type of cloud managed services is infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

But, what is laaS? IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service and is a model of cloud computing.

Imminent Solutions

An IaaS provider manages all technical and infrastructure resources, including storage, networks, and servers, etc. via the Internet.

One of its main advantages is that you will not have to buy servers or hire additional personnel for your company. All you need is an Internet connection and login credentials to access your services.

Businesses using infrastructure as a service (laaS) can significantly reduce their infrastructure costs by not needing to purchase hardware for their data centers,, maintain or replace equipment, or guarantee 24x7x365 availability.

In addition, since the amount and complexity of the resources needed can vary depending on different fluctuating factors, companies can pay only for what they use, helping you avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing your own physical servers and other data center infrastructure.

In the case of commerce, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) can improve business continuity and help you recover from infrastructure disasters or crises. This can sometimes be very expensive because it requires a significant amount of technology and personnel.

But, with the right service level agreement, IaaS can reduce this cost and allow normal access to your applications and data during a disaster or blackout.

Furthermore, it allows you to innovate quickly when marketing a new product or initiative because the necessary IT infrastructure can be ready in a matter of hours or minutes, instead of the days or weeks (sometimes months) that it would normally take.

According to a study prepared by the International Data Corporation (IDC), it is estimated that almost 70% of organizations and companies use some type of cloud to work, because they have identified its benefits, being cybersecurity one of the most important. Companies like Adidas, Carrefour, Novartis, BMW, and Spotify are just a few examples that have used the cloud as part of their innovation and success.

Time to Move Forward

Transitions for some companies are not easy, many businesses still feel more confident having their information stored locally.

That’s why it’s important to find a partner that not only offers the right infrastructure but the necessary support and knowledge from expert advisers who truly understand the importance of this benefit and can clearly communicate why this change is essential for your company.

Why should you consider uploading to the cloud and using laaS service?

If your company executes a large number of projects, if your business faces variations in demand, or if your approach to the market is more data-based, and of course you want to grow! Infrastructure as a service (laaS) is a great opportunity that will bring you enormous benefits in a short time.

Trusting your company’s information to a supplier requires that it complies with all the guarantees, protocols, and experience while managing it effectively. Your partner must understand your needs and feel your concerns as its own in order to keep your priorities intact and your company safe.

Today, no one wants to face a crisis in which company information and security may be at risk.

Credibility and experience are necessary items in the laaS provider you choose to advance in the virtualization of your information. The support of people who understand your needs and are willing to attend to your requirements permanently is also very important.

We can accompany you at every moment of the transition, from platform evaluations to the migration of your workloads to the cloud, which will guarantee a memorable experience for your work, making your life easier, as well as of your employees and clients.

At EdgeUno, we offer a number of unique hosting options that allow you to choose an individualized plan that best suits your needs and specific goals.

Your project will be backed by our support network of highly specialized professionals obsessed with customer service, who are ready to converse in your language and thus better understand your requirements.

EdgeUno is the partner you need to make your access and expansion to Latin America easy and hassle-free. Visit our website to know more and get in touch with us to develop a solution according to your needs.

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