EdgeUno Managed services is a solution that delivers IT and Telecom support for Data Center, Cloud Computing and Telecom services. Included in this solution are Remote Hands and Smart Hands to address your on time needs to resolve problems as they arise on a day to day basis.

We Eliminate
Your capital expenses of setting up and running on-site datacenters, which entails buying hardware and software and managing the centers independently, dozens of servers, non-stop electricity that runs to keep power and cooling running, and the experts needed for managing such infrastructure. EdgeUno strives to keep your costs low and to increase the flexibility you have in making decisions when planning capacity.
You’re Looking
To run your infrastructure more efficiently and scale your usage as your business needs change, we offer premium managed services solutions that deliver a wide variety of services—including cloud servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence. We can give you faster innovation, flexible resources, and economically smart choices with the help of our IT workers that have more time to focus on the issues that matter—such as achieving more important business goals—as opposed to spending all their time on setup and patchwork.
Included features
  • Test development enviroments
  • Leverage additional capacity
  • Move corporate applications to the cloud
  • Launch more web servers
  • Email server backup - Image - Offsite

Our dedicated features

As a customer service-oriented business, we understand that most large multinational customers would rather work with a company that can give them infrastructure at a national or global scale, which is why we are focusing our efforts on bringing our services to the entirety of South America, as well as other surrounding areas. Whether you want to take the “hands-on” approach with your model or the EdgeUno-guided model, we can offer you the service you need.
Website Backups
Get the added security of having your files and data stored in both local and online storage, so the version you want is handy.
Secure Website
Our services are continuously protected by one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures. This built-in security detects and prevents online threats
Uptime Guarantee
Server uptime refers to the amount of time in a given period a server stays up and running. There’s also network uptime, which refers only to the network side of things.
Live Support
Live support is a web service that allows us to communicate or chat in real-time with our visitors and customers.