Professional Services

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Standard Professional Services

Answering customer calls escalated by the NOC service.
Configuring new services for clients.
Maintaining network configurations and topology/documentation.
Configuring new standard metro/MPLS network elements.
Prefix release / Configuration update for BGP clients.
Interconnections and Transit
Enabling/Disabling IP Interconnections - Peering/Transit
Adjust default network settings such as, descriptions, communities, policies or standardization of interfaces
Equipment software version upgrades (outside of the maintenance).

Edgeuno will monitor the client's IP Network using the client's system, which will concentrate all alerts on a single screen, where alerts will be presented, classified, recognized. The customer is responsible for keeping the monitoring system up to date from according to the network topology, elements and devices.

Thus, triggers, scripts and procedures need to be provided by the customer and will make up the action which will be executed on each alert received by the NOC. The 24 x 7 NOC can open tickets with customer partners for services impacted, if this is part of the procedures / scripts provided. At in this case, the entire escalation procedure must be provided per link / event.

the NOC will provide the first response to the customer, followed by the procedures indicated by the customer. For this, you will create an e-mail where the Client will need to forward the information from the e-mails / tickets and the Edgeuno will have an automated internal ticket open for track the events. The Edgeuno will be able to interact with customers in the customer calls and provide answers in this system, to provide a white label service to the customer.

For each interaction received with the customer (phone or email) will be created and registered a ticket.

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