Public Cloud

The EdgeUno Enterprise Cloud is a highly available and secure platform that provides you with the resources you need to instantly deploy, scale, and manage your apps and microservices.

Choose from more than 20 Datacenter locations in Latin America, USA and other emerging markets, all managed from an easy to use, self-service portal.

All cloud services are powered by EdgeUno's hyper-connected network enabling you to deliver your content faster and closer to your users with delivery times under 15ms.

  • +20 Tier III and Tier IV Datacenters

    Located in Latin America, USA and Turkey

  • Transparent Prices

    No hidden costs or unexpected charges

  • Preconfigured Resources

    (HA, mirroring, snapshots, containers...)

  • Instant Deployment

    Activate your services immediately, directly from your country

Discover our Public Cloud services

VPC - Custom Cloud

Adopt a cloud strategy that works for your business. Our team of experts help you design a custom plan around your cloud requirements. We offer hands-on guidance, advice, and support, with proven experience to plan, implement and operate highly-available and secure private and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Transparent Prices

    No hidden costs and no surprises!

  • Migrate your legacy systems to your cloud strategy

    Solution architects develop and synchronize modern solutions to migrate it

  • With Project Managers as SPOC

    (Single Point of Contact) controlling the entire deployment process

  • Preconfigured Resources

    (HA, mirroring, snapshots, containers...)

  • Cloud by Design is the best investment!

    Engineers implement the infrastructure solution in the Datacenter

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Professional Services

Installation and set up of additional software:

  • DNS, web, mail servers
  • Users data access setup
  • GEO-clusters
  • Mail / FTP / SSH users creation
  • Weekly software update
  • Weekly OS updates
  • Redis, Clickhouse, ELK
  • Master / Slave Mysql, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Full daily backup of user’s data on a remote location, on demand data recovery
  • Client sites migration and their setup on a new server
  • Up and tuning of MySQL / Nginx / Apache for any project individually
  • Any virtualization / clusterization systems

We offer personalized configuration for your cloud solution and help you migrate from your on-premise solution to a cloud solution using our services, or we can design a Hybrid Cloud solution for you.

All our Cloud by Design projects include 5 free hours or expert guidance from our DevOps team to help you design and deploy your solution.