Get To Know EdgeUno

We provide Edge, Cloud, and Connectivity services on the fastest network in Latin America.



Contribute to Latin America's digital future by establishing robust internet connections that promote growth, innovation, and accessibility for both individuals and businesses within our interconnected world.


Empowering Latin America with top-tier internet connectivity! Every individual deserves an outstanding online experience.

Our Values

Do the Right Thing

It means that we should always try to do the right thing, even when it’s hard. Being honest and doing what’s best for our team and our clients.

Earn It

We believe in hard work and the idea that people should be rewarded based on their skills. We don’t take our success for granted; we work hard to earn it.

Own It

Once we take something as our own, we are accountable to our goals and committed to achieving them. We are responsible for our acts, choices, and the results of those things.

Keep it Simple

Too much complexity leads to misunderstanding and waste. We like things to be simple because it makes things clear and useful. Our goal is to make things easier by streamlining processes, interactions, and solutions.

Be part of the Solution

We think that problems should be dealt with by being proactive and looking for ways to improve, produce new ideas, and get around problems.

Our Leadership Team

Are you ready to join the telecom industry revolution? Become a part of our team of rock stars. We are revolutionizing the way people experience internet in Latin America while having a lot of fun in the process. Join us!

Office locations

  • Buenos Aires Office

    Av. Corrientes 800, C1008 CABA
    Oficina 37-107
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Medellín Office

    Calle 7 SUR # 42-70
    Torre 1, Oficina 611
    Medellín, Colombia

  • Lima Office

    Avenida Mariscal La Mar 550, Miraflores
    Oficina 503.
    Lima, Perú

  • EdgeUno Global Headquarters

    1200 Ponce de Leon
    Suite 900
    Miami, FL, 33134

  • Bogota Office

    Calle 95 No.14-45
    Oficina 402
    Bogotá, Colombia

  • Quito Office

    Avenida Naciones Unidas E6-99 y Japón
    Oficina 501
    Quito, Ecuador

  • Uberlândia Office

    Avenida Rondon Pacheco, 4600, 12º Andar
    Uberlândia, MG, Brazil