BGP Communities

BGP Communities, BGP Routing Policy AS7195


EdgeUno is an Internet Service Provider and Managed Services company that provides infrastructure at national or global scale. This document provides information about our routing policy, and how customers can control their prefixes inside our network.

EdgeUno have a selective peering policy, and our network information can be found updated at

Origin Communities

Origin communities are used to identify the region in which a prefix was learned and if a prefix was learned from a customer.

large:7195:5000000:0000000Edgeuno Customer
large:7195:6000000:0000000Edgeuno own prefixes
large:7195:0000054:0000000Country: Argentina
large:7195:0000055:0000000Country: Brazil
large:7195:0000056:0000000Country: Chile
large:7195:0000057:0000000Country: Colombia
large:64124:0000506:0000000Country: Costa Rica
large:7195:0000593:0000000Country: Ecuador
large:51095:0000020:0000000Country: Egypt
large:7195:0000502:0000000Country: Guatemala
large:7195:0000052:0000000Country: Mexico
large:7195:0000051:0000000Country: Peru
large:7195:0001939:0000000Country: Puerto Rico
large:51095:0000966:0000000Country: Saudi Arabia
large:51095:0000090:0000000Country: Turkey
large:7195:0000001:0000000Country: USA
large:7195:0021507:0021507City: Bogota
large:7195:0021902:0021902City: Brasilia
large:7195:0052605:0052605City: Buenos Aires
large:51095:0030109:0030109City: Cairo
large:7195:0032302:0032302City: Curitiba
large:7195:0061518:0061518City: Fortaleza
large:7195:0070412:0070412City: Guadalajara
large:7195:0072101:0072101City: Guatemala
large:51095:0091920:0091920City: Istanbul
large:7195:0120913:0120913City: Lima
large:7195:0130901:0130901City: Miami
large:7195:0142503:0142503City: New York
large:7195:0161501:0161501City: Porto Alegre
large:7195:0171815:0171815City: Queretaro
large:7195:0210915:0210915City: Quito
large:7195:0180915:0180915City: Rio de Janeiro
large:51095:0182108:0182108City: Riyadh
large:7195:0191901:0191901City: Salvador
large:64124:0191015:0191015City: San Jose
large:7195:0191021:0191021City: San Juan
large:7195:0190312:0190312City: Santiago
large:7195:0071821:0071821City: Sao Paulo

Local Preference

By default, all received customer routes are assigned a local preference of 300 in EdgeUno Backbone. Customer can change this preference using the following BGP communities:

CommunityLocal PreferenceEffect
7195:290290Used to customer backup when multihomed to EdgeUno Backbone
7195:200200Set preference equal to peer routes
7195:100100Set preference equal to transit routes
7195:9090Set preference lower than transit routes

Traffic Engineering

The use of this communities allow customer to prevent their prefixes from being advertised to peers or prepend their routes to a subset of peers. Not all our peers are eligible to traffic engineering. (consult network engineering for specific ASNs)

Below we have a table with a list of peers and transit connections that accept this manipulation. Traffic engineering communities are formatted AAYZZ:ASN where:

  • AA Private code and will be always 64.
  • Y Action code where:
    • 0 – Suppress the announce
  • ZZ Country Code where:
    • 01 – USA
    • 02 – Puerto Rico
    • 49 – Germany
    • 50 – Costa Rica
    • 51 – Peru
    • 52 – Mexico
    • 54 – Argentina
    • 55 – Brazil
    • 56 – Chile
    • 57 – Colombia
    • 59 – Ecuador
    • 64 – Guatemala
    • 90 – Turkey


64055:63000 will suppress the announce of tagged prefix to all Transits in Brazil.

63000N/AAll Transit Connections in that country
65000N/AAll Peering Connections in that country
65002USAEQUINIX – Miami Internet Exchange
65005USAEQUINIX – Ashburn Internet Exchange
65006USAEQUINIX – Dallas Internet Exchange
65001ArgentinaCABASE – Camara Argentina de Internet
65002BrazilIX.BR – NIC.BR Internet Exchange – All PIXes
65003BrazilIX.BR SP – NIC.BR Internet Exchange – São Paulo
65004BrazilIX.BR RJ – NIC.BR Internet Exchange – Rio de Janeiro
65005BrazilIX.BR CE – NIC.BR Internet Exchange – Fortaleza
65006BrazilIX.BR RS – NIC.BR Internet Exchange – Porto Alegre
65007BrazilIX.BR BA – NIC.BR Internet Exchange – Salvador
65008BrazilIX.BR DF – NIC.BR Internet Exchange – Brasília
65010BrazilIX.BR PR – NIC.BR Internet Exchange – Curitiba
65001ColombiaNAPCO – Nap of Colombia
65002ColombiaEQUINIX Colombia Internet Exchange
65001EcuadorNAP Ecuador
65001GuatemalaIXP GT
65001PeruPit Peru
65002PeruNAP Peru
65001Puerto RicoPuerto Rico IX


Customer can use special community 7195:666 to discard traffic destined to hosts inside EdgeUno (and transit partners). Only /32 and /128 masks are accepted for the use of this community and only for prefix-range already configured in customer prefix-list.

7195:666Blackhole Traffic