Data Centers

Tier III and Tier IV Data Centers in 50+ locations delivering the lowest latency possible between you and your customers.


One size doesn’t fit all

Whether it’s a single rack unit in one location or multiple racks and cages across the entire region, EdgeUno can deliver the space and services you need to quickly and efficiently grow your business.

Our colocation services not only put your critical infrastructure in tier III and IV locations throughout the region, but as part of the EdgeUno platform we also deliver the most densely connected network in Latin America right to your space.

With qualified and experienced logistics experts throughout the region, we also take the implementation pain away with support or turnkey services for purchasing, logistics management, importation, temporary and long-term equipment rental, and storage of parts and equipment.

Reliability and experience

Our professionals are in every location across the entire region to ensure that implementation of your infrastructure is on time and meets your specifications. You’ll enjoy coordinating with one of our dedicated project managers throughout the process who will ensure you are updated every step of the way.

And once you are up and running, our on-site operations experts will ensure that you enjoy service levels and a quality of service unmatched in the region.


EdgeUno’s Locations and Services are all within Tier III or Tier IV Data Centers supported by the following certifications:

Our Network

Deploy your services and applications with our public cloud and network, all across Latin America.






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Frequently asked questions

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Tier III and Tier IV are classification standards for data centers developed by the Uptime Institute. Tier III data centers are designed to have multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, providing redundancy and allowing maintenance without disrupting operations. Tier IV data centers take this further by adding fault tolerance, ensuring that even if one system fails, there is a redundant backup system in place.

Determining the lowest-latency data center depends on factors like the location of your users, network connectivity, and specific requirements.

Low latency is crucial for data centers because it directly affects the performance and responsiveness of applications and services. It is particularly important for latency-sensitive applications such as online gaming, financial trading, real-time communication, and content delivery. Minimizing latency ensures faster data transmission, better user experience, and improved overall efficiency.