Metro Wave

Dedicated Metro Capacity across select cities in Latin America providing High Availability Connectivity between your Data Center locations


High-Capacity Metro Connectivity

Data Center diversity is considered a given for mission critical data, content and applications. Connecting those diverse Data Centers within metro areas can often be more challenging than securing the right locations in the first place. EdgeUno bridges the gap between location neutrality and data resilience with our metro services.

From Dark Fiber and the only widely available 400Gbit/s metro wave service for high capacity needs to smaller wave services for Cachefill and data replication, we deliver this connectivity to you on resilient, diverse networks in some of the most difficult metro areas to operate within.

Dark Fiber

Guaranteed bandwidth without reuse, with the capacity to grow on demand.

On-Net Metro Wave

On-Net Metro Wave services delivering protected or unprotected service

Multiple capacity interfaces

Multiple capacity interfaces available to suit your terminal equipment requirements

Multiple routes

Implementation times for On-net services are less than 30 days

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Frequently asked questions

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Metro Wave or Dark Fiber works by providing organizations with dedicated fiber optic cables within a metropolitan area. These fiber strands are unlit, meaning they don't have active equipment installed. The organization then deploys their own equipment, such as transceivers, switches, and routers, to light up the fiber and establish high-speed connections between their data centers.

Metro Wave or Dark Fiber can provide high availability connectivity by establishing redundant and diverse fiber routes between data center locations. This means that if one fiber connection or route experiences an issue or disruption, traffic can automatically reroute through an alternative path, ensuring continuous connectivity and minimizing downtime.

Yes, Metro Wave or Dark Fiber can be an excellent choice for disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Its high availability and low latency characteristics allow organizations to establish reliable and fast connections between their primary and secondary data centers, ensuring data replication and seamless failover in the event of a disaster or network disruption.