by edgeuno tech
Jun, 21, 2023
Last modified on May, 02, 2024 at 03:16 pm

How EdgeUno uses Proxmox

In a business world where efficiency governs, it is important to use solid tools that ensure the proper functioning of all services of a company.

In the case of network and Internet companies, there is a widespread idea that there is adequate support in the options offered by the large software companies that sell proprietary tools. Likewise, it is still a common idea that if you use free software, it’s only because you want to save money.

However, these free tools can be just as robust and secure as their proprietary competition and, additionally, they can offer other important advantages to a company, as is the case with EdgeUno.

Two of these advantages are adaptability and control over the technologies used.

Why Proxmox?

Both points are linked to the abilities that technical teams have to be innovative and develop the tools they use – such has been the experience with Proxmox.

This completely Open Source hypervisor has been the best option to generate clouds and highly available virtual server clusters. Such clusters are generated in quite a short time and can be controlled easily since it offers a pleasant and quite intuitive environment via the web.

Its power allows us to easily offer elastic virtual servers that take full advantage of the physical capacities of the hardware hosted throughout our data centers.

Being a completely free tool derived from Debian-Linux, it also has a console for command administration, which is a highly desirable feature. The Console allows easy access to the programming of the tool in its bases and fosters the ability for technical teams to solve problems through novel adaptations, without the need to request external support that could compromise the reliability and security of the data of the customers or the company.

As technicians continue to find that tools must always be moldable, elements must adapt to the needs at hand, it also improves the company’s responsiveness to the challenges that arise in their normal development in the face of competition or in front of the orders of its clients.

Another feature that has been important for a company like EdgeUno, has been the ease of use of the Proxmox API in integration with other technologies.

We have been able to create reporting dashboards of the different phases of our processes, such as storage and monitoring. Development teams have been able to generate dialogues between Proxmox and other free technologies such as LibreNMS, to advance in the systematization and automation of processes.

These dialogues between tools, as well as other adaptations generated in the code to solve problems found in the normal development of our activities, are in the process of being released to the communities that have contributed to such codes.

From this perspective, companies can pursue their own interests and constantly innovate, contributing to the addition of the tools that are useful to them, and thus creating a circular retribution dynamic where such contributions can be the starting point for new characteristics that improve their performance.

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