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Jun, 21, 2023
Last modified on Jun, 21, 2023 at 12:39 pm

EdgeUno Builds New Edge Data Center In Bogotá

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving Datacenter infrastructure in emerging markets, EdgeUno announced the beginning of construction of its newest “Edge” Data Center in Colombia. The new Edge Data Center will improve download speeds, eliminate high latencies, improve the quality of real-time services, and reduce the dependency on content from providers outside the country.

The new Data Center (BOG4) will be practical, adaptable, and resilient. It will offer excellent colocation service and high availability. It will also be in an incredibly centralized location: World Trade Center (WTC) Bogota.

WTC Bogota is Colombia’s principal center of connectivity. It is the country’s largest IX and home of NAP Colombia. This location offers EdgeUno and its clients direct access to the continent’s most relevant content. BOG4 will provide clients close proximity to ISPs, ensuring faster transit, rapid downloads, low latency, and a fantastic end-user experience.

Projects like BOG4 are more than just ways to improve Colombian businesses’ access to global content. They enable Colombian content producers and app developers (such as Rappi) a platform worthy of showcasing their innovations to a global market. This helps EdgeUno fulfill its core mission of improving connectivity in Latin America.

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