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Jun, 22, 2023
Last modified on Jun, 22, 2023 at 07:39 am

Azion uses EdgeUno to improve the connectivity quality of websites and applications in Latam 

Azion has teamed up with EdgeUno to bring the highest performance to its services in Latam.


Azion is a company that provides edge computing services to some of the largest companies in the world. Azion’s Edge Platform makes it easy for developers and service providers to build zero-trust security architectures, thereby improving performance and security.

With more than 100 Azion-operated data centers, and a presence in Latin America, they develop solutions that open new possibilities, by providing tangible improvements in various industries such as: video games, e-commerce, finance, media, IoT, artificial intelligence, 5G, and reality. Augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR), among others.


Azion is striving to further increase its presence and expand its services in Latin America. To reach this goal, Azion was searching for an Edge computing partner that both understood their business model and the characteristics of the region.

When Azion went looking for service providers, they ran into a major issue – most of the providers did not understand what Azion needed. These providers were not familiar with Azion’s business model, which resulted in subpar service quality

“Providers confuse us with telecom or cloud provider companies. They don’t know our business model,” says Rogério Mariano, Global Head, Edge Network Strategy at Azion.

It was evident that the Azion team needed a provider that truly understood their business model, while additionally offering low latency in Latam.

Another one of Azion’s challenges was to find the right partner because many potential partners had a lack of industry knowledge, resulting in slow implementation and miscommunication. They needed to team up with a trusted supplier who could meet their lofty standards for speed and quality.

“Implementation can become a nightmare because even if the processes are structured by a project manager, the provider doesn’t have a full understanding of what is being implemented.”


Luckily, Azion was able to find EdgeUno, and this started a strong partnership between the two companies, with the shared dream of improving connections in Latam.

EdgeUno stepped up and delivered a customized Colocation and IP Transit project that was tailored to their exact needs. This project allowed them to meet the quality and efficiency standards they were striving for.

Azion received a customized, organized, and clear project throughout all stages of implementation. Furthermore, the company’s needs, traceability, transparency, as well as the knowledge of our combined skilled professionals resulted in a high quality and efficient service that met their expectations.

“I highlight the performance and professionalism of the EdgeUno Delivery and Project Management team. They are efficient and transparent teams.”


Azion and EdgeUno have developed an excellent partnership that has allowed Azion to keep up with the challenges of the Edge Computing industry. Azion seeks to improve connectivity in Latin America, so they needed a partner that could provide infrastructure, management, and expert knowledge – and EdgeUno was up to the task.

“Talking with the EdgeUno team is easy because we speak the same language.”

Working together resulted in a fast, error-free, and transparent implementation.

“EdgeUno is an extremely professional, qualified company. The technical team is very strong, and we never had any problems.”

The implementation process was effective and efficient due to a specialized technical team, led by a project management area and using the agile methodology.

“Synergy becomes agility when implementing, since there are fewer daily meetings, and there is a mutual interpretation and understanding of the business model.”

Next steps

The stable and lasting alliance forged in 2022 between Azion and EdgeUno promises remarkable growth in countries such as Brazil, Peru and Mexico. They are dedicated to strengthening connectivity and providing unparalleled quality.



Rogério Mariano -: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rogerio-mariano-065a1340/

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