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Nov, 08, 2023
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EdgeUno Drives Business Transformation for Prime Tech Support LLC

About Prime Tech Support LLC

Prime Tech Support LLC, a leader in technological solutions in South Florida, is committed to empowering individuals and businesses by freeing them from technological constraints.

With a vision focused on providing the best technical solutions at affordable prices, Prime Tech Support LLC is a benchmark in the industry.


The Challenge: Navigating an Evolving Technological Environment

In the quest to stay at the forefront in a constantly evolving technological environment, Prime Tech Support LLC faces ongoing challenges.

As a technology service provider in South Florida, their mission is to empower individuals and businesses by removing technological constraints and allowing them to focus on what truly matters.

However, this commitment to technological excellence comes with a series of challenges. In a business and industrial world advancing at a rapid pace, Prime Tech Support LLC must continuously adapt to meet the changing demands of its clients.

In this context, the adoption of the cloud model has become essential, and the customization of secure remote access is critical for clients operating in this environment.

The Specific Challenges they faced included:

Remote Access Costs: The need to access applications hosted in an external and neutral data center (Public Cloud) generated significant costs due to the simultaneity of accesses.

Security and Ease of Access: Clients demanded a balance between the security of remote access and ease of use for end-users. The complexity of this task required a robust solution.

In summary, they needed to find a solution that not only reduced operating costs but also strengthened the security of remote access and provided an efficient user experience.

It was in this context that they discovered EdgeUno and its innovative offering.


The Solution

“In the midst of these challenges, we found a solid solution: EdgeUno. Our first contact with EdgeUno occurred during a cybersecurity event, where we met Paul Harris. Subsequent discussions about EdgeUno’s infrastructure and services in the United States and LATAM led us to consider their solution.

“What really stood out from EdgeUno’s offering was its ability to provide access to a first-rate infrastructure equivalent to the public cloud. This, combined with the customization of the solution and compatibility with the tools we use in our projects, made the difference,” comments Jose Gonzalez, IT Manager.

The implementation of the solution began with a pilot project. The technical teams of Prime Tech and EdgeUno worked together to install it in the Miami Data Center.

The configuration phase lasted only a few days, and the necessary procedures were established.

“The EdgeUno team played a key role during the migration and launch of the services. They worked during scheduled maintenance windows with restricted times, providing assistance as agreed, even during non-business hours”, Gonzalez comments.


The Results: Significant and Measurable Change

The implementation of the EdgeUno solution had a direct and measurable impact on the operation.

Some of the most notable results include:

  • Greater Capacity: The EdgeUno solution allowed expanding the capacity to support a greater number of simultaneous remote accesses. This was essential to meet the growing demands of clients.
  • Personalized Technical Support: EdgeUno not only provided a robust technological solution but also supported its implementation with top-notch technical support available 24/7 in English and Spanish. This ensured that any unforeseen issues were resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • Access to First-Rate Infrastructure: One of the most attractive features of the solution was the ability to access first-rate infrastructure equivalent to the public cloud. This improved the quality and reliability of their services.
  • Significant Cost Savings: Estimated cost savings range from 20% to 30% compared to previously implemented solutions. This translates into an immediate improvement in profitability and operational efficiency.


Next Steps: Continued Collaboration for Success

“Our experience with EdgeUno was highly satisfactory, and we are committed to continuing to work together to achieve our goals and face future technological challenges”. Gonzalez comments.

Some of the next steps being considered include:
  • Additional Migrations: There is an expectation to confirm more migrations of Prime Tech Support LLC services to the EdgeUno infrastructure. This approach will allow maximizing the experience and cutting-edge technology offered by EdgeUno.
  • Collaboration on New Projects: Prime Tech Support LLC intends to maintain close collaboration with the EdgeUno team to identify and develop new projects that drive technological innovation and improve the experience of their clients.
  • Continuous Evaluation: As part of the focus on continuous improvement, Prime Tech Support LLC will continue to evaluate the performance and results of their collaboration with EdgeUno. This will allow them to adjust strategies and further optimize their technological infrastructure.


Together, the results obtained to date and the upcoming steps reflect a shared commitment by both companies to technological excellence and customer satisfaction. Collaboration with EdgeUno has proven to be a strategic step in Prime Tech Support LLC’s journey toward a more efficient and successful technological future.


For more information, visit https://primetechbusiness.com/.

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