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Jun, 22, 2023
Last modified on Jun, 22, 2023 at 07:43 am

OneProvider’s Quest to Transform Hosting Services in LATAM 


OneProvider is a Canadian company which offers a complete range of online solutions as well as a consolidation service for companies and personal needs. They specialize in dedicated, virtual and colocation hosting services in more than 145 locations worldwide.


OneProvider encountered a series of complex challenges as they sought to revolutionize hosting services in LATAM. Their first obstacle was their limited regional presence, lacking the necessary infrastructure and network coverage to effectively serve their clients.

Additionally, they identified unfulfilled market demand for dedicated and virtual hosting services in the region, necessitating a solution to meet this growing need. The existing solutions offered by their previous vendors proved inadequate, unable to deliver high-end hardware, robust network capabilities, and competitive pricing required to meet their clients’ expectations.

Bandwidth limitations further impeded their ability to provide exceptional speeds and performance. Furthermore, expanding into new locations while ensuring localized infrastructure and support added another layer of complexity to their operations. However, their partnership with EdgeUno addressed these challenges head-on, providing extensive network coverage, tailored high-performance solutions, unprecedented bandwidth capabilities, and localized expertise.

We were absent in most of the regions that EdgeUno covered, and so it was only logical for us to partner together and leverage their services to our clienteles“ says Patrick Dezelak, Business Development Manager, BrainStorm Network Inc.at OneProvider.

This collaboration enabled OneProvider to overcome these hurdles and position themselves as a leading provider of hosting services in LATAM.



OneProvider found the ideal solution to their challenges through their partnership with EdgeUno. This strategic alliance empowered them to expand their regional presence and tap into EdgeUno’s extensive network coverage across LATAM. By leveraging EdgeUno’s robust infrastructure, OneProvider was able to offer high-end hardware and exceptional network capabilities to their clients. The remarkable bandwidth capabilities provided by EdgeUno surpassed anything previously experienced in the region, ensuring lightning-fast speeds and superior performance.  

“We were able to craft hosting solutions with EdgeUno that made it comparable to other markets, like Europe and North America. This only was possible with EdgeUno, as our other partners in the region could never meet all of our needs for the project to function. says Patrick Dezelak, Business Development Manager, BrainStorm Network Inc at OneProvider.

Moreover, EdgeUno’s localized expertise and support allowed OneProvider to navigate the complexities of expanding into new locations, providing tailored solutions that met the unique needs of each market. Through this collaboration, OneProvider successfully overcame their obstacles and established themselves as a leading force in transforming the hosting services landscape in LATAM.


The results of OneProvider’s collaboration with EdgeUno have been remarkable.

By expanding their regional presence and leveraging EdgeUno’s extensive network coverage, OneProvider successfully fulfilled the unmet demand for dedicated and virtual hosting services in LATAM. The high-end hardware and robust network capabilities provided by EdgeUno allowed OneProvider to deliver exceptional performance and reliability to their clients.

The unprecedented bandwidth capabilities opened new possibilities for data-intensive applications and enhanced user experiences.

The successful implementation of EdgeUno’s solutions not only saved costs but also increased productivity for OneProvider, enabling them to offer competitive pricing while delivering superior services.

This partnership has significantly elevated OneProvider’s position in the industry, garnering positive feedback and appreciation from clients who have experienced the transformative power of their hosting services. With these impressive results, OneProvider and EdgeUno are poised to continue their successful collaboration and further innovate the hosting services landscape in LATAM.

“The EdgeUno team has been of great help in making sure our needs were met, both in terms of hardware, network capabilities, and pricing. The custom nodes we needed were built, sent on-site, and setup in a surprisingly short amount of time, allowing us to quickly launch our service“ says Patrick Dezelak , Business Development Manager, BrainStorm Network Inc. at OneProvider.

Next steps

OneProvider expresses its plans for further expansion by integrating additional EdgeUno services and exploring new locations as they are unveiled. The remarkable presence of EdgeUno in LATAM has been a revelation for OneProvider, and they eagerly look forward to the continuation of this fruitful partnership, envisioning mutual growth and success in the future.



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