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Jun, 22, 2023
Last modified on Jun, 22, 2023 at 07:37 am

GoCache Expands Its Services In Latin America With EdgeUno


GoCache is a platform for Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and Application Security markets that provides its customers with products to improve the performance, availability, and security of Internet sites and applications. GoCache has a very extensive infrastructure in Brazil with 8 Points of Presence arranged in all regions of the country and is expanding in Latin America, with new PoPs to be launched in Bogota, Buenos Aires, Querétaro and Santiago.

  • 9 Points of Presence in the Americas
  • 40k+ Sites and Apps
  • 400 Customers


The challenges that a company like GoCache faces are directly related to infrastructure management and the operational costs of running all data centers.

For GoCache, processes with other vendors have become tedious, dealing 1:1 with multiple data centers, purchasing protocols, support, remote service, customer service, and more.

Because of this, the company was looking for a partner that could manage its infrastructure and in addition, through this alliance, support and administration could be handled in parallel and in a much more effective way.


GoCache and EdgeUno have introduced each other a few years ago. EdgeUno caught the attention of GoCache’s CEO, Guillerme Eberhart because of its peering agreements, Edge, Cloud, and Connectivity services, and network across Latin America.

EdgeUno provides ColocationConnectivity, and Cloud services to GoCache at its locations in Brazil. In addition, the company will expand its services with new PoPs that will be launched in Bogota, Buenos Aires, Querétaro, and Santiago.

“You have always been agile and flexible. At the end of the day you make things happen, and that’s something GoCache values a lot within our culture. And we found the same culture with the folks at EdgeUno.”

Guillherme Eberhart, CEO of GoCache

The implementation was very agile and flexible, the first Pop was activated in São Paulo. The solutions to the challenges were delivered in exceptional response times, which contributed to the speed of the processes.


GoCache found in EdgeUno a partner that could support the growth it was looking for in its expansion, with high capacity and availability in terms of infrastructure and connectivity.

“The results were immediate, because what we were looking for in EdgeUno was to simplify our operation without having to deal with multiple data centers, different products and different processes.”

Guillherme Eberhart, CEO of GoCache

One of the most important points for GoCache was to achieve a significant reduction in operational costs while receiving a high-quality delivery service according to its needs.

GoCache continues to focus on its expansion in Brazil and the rest of Latin America. Among its plans, it also plans to activate a point of presence in Salvador and Porto Alegre


Av. Angélica, 2529, São Paulo/SP, Brasil



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