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Jun, 22, 2023
Last modified on Jun, 23, 2023 at 04:59 pm

NextDNS reduces latency and increases quality of service across Latam


NextDNS is a leading Domain Name System service company that offers firewall services on all devices and networks, and it can deploy on all continents. Recognized globally for offering its services, NextDNS has a clear objective of providing a secure and supervised Internet on all devices and networks.

With NextDNS it is possible to enhance your privacy, protect yourself and your children from malware or phishing, and limit social media threats, ads, and website trackers, allowing users to regain control over their internet experience.

NextDNS was founded in May 2019, in Delaware, United States; by Romain Cointepas and Olivier Poitrey. Romain and Olivier are true supporters of net neutrality and Internet privacy and launched NextDNS as an alternative to the unencrypted DNS resolvers operated by ISPs.


Challenge – 1

The challenge NextDNS set themselves was to deploy their services with an experienced partner in the Latin American market who could minimize latency and reduce their time to market with rapid deployment and support for their DNS service.

Challenge – 2

PoPs in Latin America with minimal latency

Latency is a crucial component of guaranteeing the security and quality of services that NextDNS delivers globally and in Latin America; the situation was no different. The company needed an ally who had the infrastructure and experience in the regional market.

In order to offer a better end-user experience with the lowest possible latency, Romain and Olivier and the rest of the team at NextDNS required a partner who, in addition to having many points of presence in the region, had the knowledge, expertise, and availability to strengthen its presence in the continent.

NextDNS AS Map


Solution – 1 

NextDNS turned to EdgeUno for its infrastructure solutions across Latin America and invested in a full solution of Virtual Private Server (VPS) services.

Solution – 2 

Due to the accessibility of immediate service activation, the NextDNS team chose EdgeUno’s VPS (Virtual Private Server) service, intending to have the lowest possible latency, high performance, and ease of sourcing in Latin America.

“In our business latency is very important and we must avoid it as much as possible worldwide, so for our customers, in LATAM we needed Points of Presence that were within the region and EdgeUno was the perfect platform for this, as they have data centers in many parts of Latin America with the required features,” said Romain Cointepas, co-founder of NextDNS.

Customized delivery solutions in Latin America

EdgeUno is a leader in infrastructure as a service in the region, with more than 30 Tier III and Tier IV data centers in Latin American countries and the United States, providing solutions for cloud, gaming, streaming, and other internet content like NextDNS.

In addition to having a robust infrastructure, EdgeUno’s expertise in Latin America is a powerful tool for partnership. Their accessibility to countries like Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Brazil and knowledge of the legal affairs and cultural particularities of the area allow the company to deliver to their customers quickly and efficiently.

Affordable pricing and easy setup

With the VPS service provided by EdgeUno, corporate resources such as high availability, mirroring, snapshots, containers, and more are pre-configured and readily available services that can be activated immediately, making configuration a hassle-free and straightforward process without additional costs.

Once the VPS is delivered through EdgeUno’s automated process, the access information arrives by email, and then the customer oversees customizing the server for what they need within the company.


Result – 1 

Through partnering with EdgeUno, NextDNS was able to reach the lowest possible latency of 11.54 milliseconds, thus providing a solid experience in delivering its services using EdgeUno’s infrastructure across Latin America.

Result – 2 

For NextDNS latency is the main requirement to guarantee the proper functioning of the business, as well as its growth in all regions of the world. With the implementation of the points of presence with EdgeUno, South America is now the leading performer in latency across all the NextDNS major markets.

NextDNS Performance

NextDNS Latency in LATAM


A quick response to a question or challenge makes all the difference in the performance and quality of service with VPS features. At EdgeUno, a direct communication line was always set up with the NextDNS team to have a quick response.

“Whenever we needed to get in touch with EdgeUno we had a direct line of communication. The team is very responsive and acts very quickly,” said Cointepas.

Main Takeways

The solution delivered by EdgeUno positively impacted NextDNS’ operation by decreasing latency and strengthening its presence in Latin America and the world.

EdgeUno acts always as a business ally and a fundamental tool for all companies that want to have a presence in Latin America. With robust infrastructure and services that deliver the lowest possible latency, it is possible to conquer the Latin American market by partnering with EdgeUno and capitalizing on their excellent quality of service.




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