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Jun, 22, 2023
Last modified on Jun, 23, 2023 at 04:50 pm

Osnet & EdgeUno: A Strategic Alliance


Osnet Wireless is an Internet Service Provider that offers residential and commercial wireless Internet, Dedicated Services, Data Cloud, Security, Private Network Transport & VoIP Telephony including VirtualPBX and Call Centers.

The company was founded in Puerto Rico in 2009 and with more than 13 years in the telecommunications market its team of leaders has more than 25 years of experience.

Osnet has begun its expansion into the Latin American market, with a presence in San Juan, Bogota and Medellin, covering homes, businesses, and organizations.

The Opportunity: Mutual Expansion

Osnet’s purpose is to reach and connect places with difficult internet access.** Once the company managed to expand and bring its connectivity services to all of Puerto Rico, a new challenge arose: to connect the rest of the continent.

Technological development and the opening of markets highly dependent upon high quality connectivity is a challenge that companies like Osnet are constantly facing.

In 2020, Osnet created a strategic alliance with EdgeUno, an Infrastructure as a Service provider with the largest presence and connectivity in Latin America, and entered the Colombian market with a partner that provided experience and stability to its business.

In the same way, EdgeUno reached more end-users in Puerto Rico. This alliance leveraged both companies’ knowledge and experience in their local market, allowing each of them to accelerate the growth process with greater security and effectiveness.

The Strategy

EdgeUno became the primary supplier to Osnet, providing them with Connectivity, Colocation and Remote Hands services in Miami, Bogota and Medellin.

Osnet provides EdgeUno with Colocation, Capacity, Redundancy, and Internet Exchange services in all its locations in Puerto Rico.

The way of doing business with EdgeUno is very flexible along with their response times, which are exceptional. The speed of implementation and EdgeUno’s dedication to service, which we share, was critical to our decision process. – David Ruiz, Chief Operating Officer at Osnet

Once the services were implemented and deployed for both companies, they were able to optimize costs, expand their markets and provide their customers with high-quality services and 100% availability.


“There is not so much bureaucracy, nor so much paperwork that takes you months to do something that can be done in a day. With EdgeUno, that agility is appreciated and recognized.” – David Ruiz, Director of Operations at Osnet.

After the first year of the relationship, Osnet and EdgeUno have managed to deploy both parties’ services with 100% availability, low latency and high performance, improving the end-user experience in Colombia and Puerto Rico.

This relationship helped EdgeUno enter the Puerto Rican market, allowing us to grow our network, optimize costs, and besides that, it is an alliance that happens with a lot of synergy and fluidity. Osnet is a great partner. – Andrés Arango, Sr Technical Business Developer at EdgeUno.

Osnet Wireless currently has points of presence in Bogota, Miami and Medellin. In its expansion plans, the Internet service provider will start processes to open points of presence in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.


Osnet Wireless

Phone number: +57 60 1 5085860
Carrera 16 # 88 – 81 oficina 801 Edificio 9016, Bogotá, COL

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