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We use cookies in order to ensure you to benefit from our website with fullest extend and to develop the user experiences. If you don’t prefer to use Cookies, you can delete or block them through the settings of your browser. However, we would like to remind you that such an action might affect the usage of our website. Unless you don’t change Cookies Settings on your browser, you shall be deemed to accept the usage of the cookies in this website.

What Is Cookies And Why It Is Used?

Cookies are small text files which are stored in your device or network server by the websites that your visit through the browsers. The main purposes for using cookies in our website are as follows: •To improve the service that we provide you, through increasing the functionality and performance of the website, •To improve the website and to provide new features through the Website and to customize the provided features depending on your preferences. •To ensure the legal and commercial security of the Website, you and our Company.

What Are The Types Of The Cookies Used In Our Website?

•Session Cookies The session cookies are the cookies which are used during the visit of our visitors at our website, and which are deleted after the browser is closed. The main purpose of using such cookies is to ensure the smooth operation of the website. For example; it is ensured for you to complete the online forms which appear in more than one pages. •Persistent Cookies The persistent cookies are the cookies which are used for increasing the functionality of the website, to provide faster and better service to our customers. This type of cookies are used in order to remind your preferences and they are stored in your device through the browsers. Some of types of the persistent cookies; by considering your purpose of using the website, it can be used to prepare special offers for you. The persistent cookies check whether there is any cookies which were generated by our website in your device if you visit our website through the same device, if there are cookies it is understood that you have visited this website before and the content which will be provided to you, will be determined in that manner hence you receive better service. •Technical Cookies Technical cookies ensure the operation of the website, and determined the non-operating pages and areas of the website. •Authentication Cookies If the visitors enter the website through their password, this kind of cookies ensure the visitor to be detected at each page of the website as the user and it is not required to enter the password at each page. •Customization Cookies They are used in order to activate the visual or voice content in the website. •Flash Cookies It is used in order to remind the user preferences at each different pages of the website. For example, reminding your language preferences. •Analytical Cookies The analytical cookies produce information about the number of the visitors of the website, determining the pages viewed in the website, visiting hours of the visits, scrolling movements on the website etc. issues. •Third Party Cookies Depending on the party which locate the cookies, the platform cookies and third party cookies can be used. The platform cookies are generated by EdgeUno and the third party cookies are managed by different companies which cooperate with EdgeUno.

How Do You Connect With EdgeUno?

In order to exercise your rights, you can submit your request to our postal address by filling out the application form at website or with another written document bearing application conditions required by applicable legislation as well as documents serving to confirm your identification; to company address with wet signature directly by hand or via electronic mail or to For more information please write to