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Jun, 21, 2023
Last modified on Jun, 23, 2023 at 04:16 pm

5 Reasons Why Growth Was EdgeUno’s Main Word In 2021

If we could define 2021 in one word, it would be growth. For us, it was a challenging time, but throughout the year wonderful things happened within our organization. Check out a few of them:

1. Our Team Grew So Much

• We started 2021 with 40 employees and by December we had 103 employees, having a total of 80 new hires.
• With the addition of NUITEC, we further expanded our services for clients in LATAM.
• Because of this, our physical spaces had to be bigger, during the year, we opened 3 new offices in Bogota, Miami, and Uberlandia.
• We embraced healthy activities, active breaks, yoga, salsa, and Zumba classes.

2. We Had A Big Connectivity Growth

• During the year +10 POPs were launched across LATAM.
• We built our first owned data center in Bogotá, Colombia, and added a new one in Cairo, Egypt.
• We invested heavily in network automation.

3. We Developed And Used Different Tools For Our Infrastructure

• Created more than 50 new types of alerts using LibreNMS, Kentik, Graylog, and Zabbix.
• We delivered +1000 servers and 86 cloud servers.
• We developed 15 tools for our organization.

4. It Was A Wonderful Opportunity To Speak And Attend Events

• Even though the pandemic is still a global health issue, we could attend 4 in-person events, reuniting with fellow telecom partners.
• Our experts spoke at 8 industry-related events, sharing their knowledge about security, data centers, cloud services, and a few of our tricks to the community.
• We hosted 6 virtual webinars, which you can find here. (https://www.youtube.com/c/edgeuno)

5. We Gave Back To Our Communities

• We united our efforts to give back to the communities in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Turkey.
• Throughout the year, we made +12 donations to NGOs, supporting causes like cancer, education, vulnerable children, teenagers, and the elderly.
• The women’s soccer team Siro Training from Colombia, got to go to a soccer championship in Peru with our sponsorship.

One of our main goals is to give the best internet connection to every end-user in LATAM, and during 2021 we fought hard to continue with that dream. But we also had tons of fun in the process.

• We drank 15.000 cups of coffee.
• Opened 6.000 cans of Red Bull.
• We ate 20.000 M&Ms (and gained a few pounds).
• We got 2 Playstations consoles and 2 ping pong tables.
• We expressed our vision of a well-connected world into an amazing graffiti.
• And made +30.000 dreams come true.

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