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Jun, 21, 2023
Last modified on Jun, 21, 2023 at 12:53 pm

EdgeUno Acquires Brazilian Network Professional Services Company NuiTec

Acquisition will help EdgeUno expand services to customers in clients in LATAM.

(BRAZIL) – May 7, 2021 – EdgeUno, a leading infrastructure as a service company in Latin America, announced today the acquisition of NuiTec, a Brazil-based network professional services company.

The addition of NuiTec represents a commitment by EdgeUno to increasing its already sizable foothold in the Brazilian technology market. Company executives believe the acquisition will help EdgeUno maximize its customers’ performance, security, and profitability, looking to expand their cloud-based services in Brazil.

“We are happy to grow our ranks with the experienced personnel of NuiTec,” commented Epafras Schaden, CTO of EdgeUno. “We have known and respected NuiTec for years, and we are certain that their talents in Professional Services, Network Management, Configurations, and Security will bring greater assurance to our customers that we are here for them when they need us.”

Over the last few years, NuiTec offered Brazilian customers many of the same types of services that EdgeUno seeks to provide its customers, including professional services, network management, network design and architecture, security analysis, and automation for intelligent networks. NuiTec officials see the acquisition as an opportunity to be a part of a bigger mission of improving connectivity across Latin America.

“NuiTec brings EdgeUno the know-how and highly specialized experience to make the customers feel comfortable that their network is in good hands, and they can focus on their business,” said Tiago Setti, Founder and Network Consultant of NuiTec.

“We will bring the know-how and the practical experience which is in high demand in the Brazilian market; from Engineering and Planning, Managing of Hardware to Network Security – we will be there for you when you need us,” said Aluisio da Silva, Founder and Network Consultant of NuiTec.

The combination of this hands-on practical experience in the country and the larger infrastructure of EdgeUno should make for an attractive business services proposition as well, and EdgeUno’s business team is looking forward to making that pitch to prospective customers now that the acquisition is complete.

“In my many years in the industry, I have learned that the right people are what makes a successful team and company,” indicated Kevin Calderone, Head of Business Operations of EdgeUno. “NuiTec has the ‘Right Stuff.’ I look forward to reaching further into the Brazilian Market and show that EdgeUno is the right choice for Professionals Services.”

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