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Jun, 13, 2023
Last modified on Jun, 13, 2023 at 06:00 pm

EdgeUno’s New Office In Bogotá, Colombia

On November 29th, the telecommunications company, led by Mehmet Akcin (CEO) and Epafras Schaden (CTO) celebrated the opening of its new office located at the WeWork building in Bogotá, Colombia. At this event, the team members in Bogotá also had the visit of other EdgeUno members from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States.

“We have prepared this space for everyone to feel at home” – Diana Villamizar, General Counsel.

“This type of space helps us create memories, memories that will always be with us and bring us together as colleagues and friends. I am proud of this office; I think this is the new style of office. But above all, I am proud that now you have a home. This is your home.” – Epafras Schaden, Chief Technology Officer.

The new office is based on the concept of “coworking”, which provides a modern and functional work environment, fostering networking and encouraging employees to work from the office, after a long period of working from home. After the inauguration event, the team of company leaders met in Bogotá to discuss the planning and future of the company for the next few years.

“I started all this because I wanted to focus on my son. I thought, anytime I want to take time and focus on my family, I want to be able to do it. And I want to offer that to my employees too. We are an employee first and families first company. If I don’t take care of my employees, who will? Thank you all, thank you for this beautiful office, enjoy it.” – Mehmet Akcin, CEO.

Additionally, EdgeUno’s office was filled with color with graffiti that came to life at the hands of Diego Matallana, a Colombian artist, belonging to the Mural Andante Community and Bogotá Graffiti Tour. The concept behind the illustration is about Cyberpunk, a subgenre of science fiction, which reflects utopian views of the world; massifying technological culture.

The illustration represents EdgeUno’s dream of improving connectivity in Latin America. It unifies futuristic and technological illustrations and concepts, such as artificial intelligence and robotics. All this, to continue with the premise of changing the world for the better, with technology. On the illustration of the globe, the flags of some countries where the company has a presence are evident. Not only to show the presence of its employees, but also its origins and diversity.

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