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Are you building something brand new? Perhaps a platform or managed service other developers might use? Let’s go to market and achieve success together.


Got customers, need cloud? EdgeUno offers competitive margins that will blow you away. Let’s have a chat about how you can boost your bottom line.


Do you provide consulting, management, or integration services? EdgeUno offers enterprise-grade infrastructure at low prices that results in higher margins for you.

Invest in LATAM with EdgeUno
and grow with your clients

The Discount Table

EdgeUno was bootstrapped from the start without having to take on hundreds of millions of venture capital dollars. This means we have the ability to present the best partner discounts from day one on top of our industry leading low pricing.

True Multi-Cloud Strategy

Having a Multi-Cloud Strategy doesn't mean picking two of the Big 3 Hyperscalers. By choosing EdgeUno as your Alternative Independent provider alongside a Hyperscaler, you have the best of both worlds for your end clients.

Dedicated support, guaranteed service

Whether from day one or three hundred, you aren't swimming alone in an ocean of sharks. EdgeUno uses tools such as dedicated Slack Channels or access to Solutions Engineering resources to get you going towards monetizing end clients on our platform.

Locations Matter

Like some competitive Cloud providers we listen to where you need to be at the Edge. With 30 Cloud locations today and growing, you'll have new global markets to service end clients every year. You can always let us know where you want to be in the world.

Partnership Levels


Digital Start-up

This level is ideal for individuals or start-up companies in the Web Hosting, Cloud Platform or Service Provider space.

  • Self-service Partner
  • Partner Logo
  • Onboarding Links
  • Marketing Materials
  • Dollar-for-dollar Infrastructure Credit applied after three consistent months

$200-$999 Monthly Spend

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Designed for Vultr Partners who have an established book of end clients consisting of higher monthly spend, and looking for greater support and benefits.

  • Partner Portal Access
  • Partner Directory Access
  • Access to Solutions Engineering
  • Migration Credit Assistance
  • Cloud Benchmarking Reports
  • Includes Everything from Digital Start-Up Tier

$1,000-$19,999 Monthly Spend

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Ideal for large companies who require dedicated support.

  • Dedicated Marketing Support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Support
  • Press Release Access
  • Co-Marketing Dollars
  • Access to Solutions Engineering
  • Based on Spend, Opportunity to earn account credits quarterly
  • Includes Everything from previous Tiers

$200-$999 Monthly Spend

Speak to a Partner Manager