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Jun, 21, 2023
Last modified on Jun, 23, 2023 at 05:03 pm

CacheFly Strengthens Its Leadership With Its Presence In Latin America


CacheFly is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider with one of the world’s greatest networks and presence. Based in Chicago, CacheFly pioneered and developed the first anycast TCP-based content distribution network and has been recognized as one of the world’s fastest global performing CDN companies for over 20 years.

CacheFly developed a robust architecture, especially in emerging markets aiming to offer the highest QoE for digital platforms globally. By 2007, CacheFly already had 10 PoPs in Tokyo, and by 2022 had a total of 56 strategic Points of Presence globally.

With a portfolio of leading tech players like Microsoft, LG, Adobe, Rakuten, P&G, Zapier, Vodafone, and many more, CacheFly empowers its customers by delivering content with the lowest possible latency:

  • CacheFly has the best throughput in South America.
  • PoPs across Central and South America: Sao Paulo, Bogota, La Paz, Buenos Aires, Lima, Santiago de Chile, El Alto, Mexico City, Fortaleza, Queretaro and Rio de Janeiro.
  • An Increasing number of viewers and gamers as their customers.
  • Internet penetration over 72% in Emerging Markets.


Because of the growing demand for Internet services and the expansion of digital companies in Latin America, CacheFly entered the region focusing on traffic exchange routes to offer a stronger, high-quality internet experience that would make it possible to sustain digital migration over the world.

For CDN companies like CacheFly, latency is dramatically important. Delivering content in the lowest time possible regardless of the location it is coming from. CacheFly needed an ally who could deliver content, have a strong presence and lead the market in the Latin American region. Who, in addition to knowing about the technical solutions of the region, knew the regulations of each country and provided a customer service focus for their business.

CacheFly’s Anycast Network


CacheFly found at EdgeUno the ideal solution. Expanding their services through EdgeUno’s hyperconnected network and more than 30 Points of Presence across Latin America and Emerging Markets, reaching users in countries like Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia, among others. EdgeUno provided ConnectivityIP transit, and Bare-Metal Servers to implement CacheFly’s strategy across Latin America.

EdgeUno has been in the industry for the last few years, their team is very responsive and had the expertise we were looking for in the region and specific countries.

Chris Wong, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CacheFly

During the deployment of CacheFly’s plan, EdgeUno provided the company with professional services for internal project management. This way as the project started running, it aligned with other relevant projects in other continents such as Africa, Asia, and Europe. Making the operations work smoothly, creating the appropriate processes, verification of tools, management definitions, documentation, and achieving agility in their performance.


CacheFly can deliver ultra-low latency video streaming, gaming, and mobile content with reliability and flexibility supported by EdgeUno’s services and network. Additionally, the company increased its presence by more than 30 points across Latin America and Emerging Markets. EdgeUno acted as a key partner for CacheFly, providing the lowest latency, high availability, and a strong infrastructure.

We saw a great opportunity for our business by leveraging EdgeUno’s infrastructure and network. Their proposal was very complete, from performance to pricing, and of course, their latency across the region was exceptional.

Chris Wong, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CacheFly.

The level of engagement and attention to detail played a particularly important role in the relationship between CacheFly and EdgeUno. The customer service focus characterized the alliance as there was always a direct line of communication.

Through various channels, it has been possible to have fast and effective communication with every team member, which allows agile actions when they are necessary.

Chris Wong, Vice President of Sales, and Marketing at CacheFly

Next steps

CacheFly has had EdgeUno as a business ally for over 2 years; a time in which different projects have been carried out all over the Latin American region, where the two companies have worked together to continue growing and delivering the best connectivity service to end-users.

The services offered by EdgeUno have positively impacted CacheFly’s operation and contributed to its mission to continue to be the fastest CDN on the market. Strengthening its presence in Latin America, CacheFly continues to position itself as a market leader while expanding its network and expects to increase the number of its CDN users by 10 to 15% by 2023.


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