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Jun, 22, 2023
Last modified on Jun, 22, 2023 at 07:32 am

EAÍ Telecomunicações Strengthens its IP Transit services in Brazil


EAÍ is a Brazilian telecommunications company with more than 15 years of history and expertise in STFC telephony solutions for ISPs to add value to their fiber optic networks, call termination for VOIP and STFC carriers, PBXIP management solutions, and Marketing SMS sending platforms.

The company was founded in 2006, from a group of ISPs to meet the demands of the industry. Currently, its customer base exceeds 50 ISPs, with a reach of more than 300 thousand consumers in Brazil.


To further increase its presence and expand its services in the Brazilian territory, offering reliable and quality connectivity to its customers, EAÍ needed a partner with experience in the IP Transit, telecomunications, and connectivity.

The high level of expertise and customization offered by EdgeUno led EAÍ to create a partnership that would lead the Brazilian company to achieve stronger and high-quality connectivity for its services.
After a period of testing with IP Transit’s services, the results were very satisfactory, both in terms of performance and in terms of flexibility and availability of the technical team.

“EdgeUno’s support and service are one of the big differentials, without a doubt, in addition to the technical team, of course, which is quite qualified and recognized within our industry,” comments Allan Frizzo, COO of EAÍ.


The company was looking for a partner to help it implement its business expansion plans. EAÍ currently relies on EdgeUno’s IP Transit services in Brazilian cities such as Planalto, Porto Alegre and Itapema.

“The best thing about EdgeUno is the flexibility of being able to talk to the people who get things done.”- Allan Frizzo, COO of EAÍ.

EAÍ chose EdgeUno for its expertise, talented team and one of the best-connected network infrastructures in Brazil.

“EAI is a major network provider in Brazil. This partnership is a demonstration of EdgeUno’s commitment to the Brazilian market,” adds Kevin Calderone, EdgeUno’s Business Development Manager.

Next steps

After 1 year of relationship with EdgeUno, Allan Frizzo is already thinking about EAÍ’s next steps, which include, in addition to constant improvements in its current services as MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators), new mobile telephony products, and options both for companies and individuals, including SIM cards. In addition to expanding its services in Brazil with EdgeUno’s hype connected network.


EAÍ – Telefonia Inteligente

Avenida Rio Grande do Sul, 97, Ed. Casa Grande, Sala 1 Centro, Planalto/PR – Brasil, 85750-000

(46) 2555 0000


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