Novelty Operated By Internet (Colombia)


Coljuegos and the National Police Cybernetics Center prior validation, established that the following URL is illegally operating games of luck and chance in the “New Internet-operated” mode in the Colombian territory. For this reason it is a legal obligation to proceed immediately with the blockade by the ISP in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3 of Article 93 of Law 1753 of 2015 that reads: ARTICLE 93: Novel Games. Modify Article 38 of Law 643 of 2001, modified by Article 22 of Law 1393 of 2010 which will read as follows: PARAGRAPH 3 °. Monopoly administrators, inspection, surveillance and control authorities, police authorities and the National Police may monitor channels, financial institutions, websites and media that in any way serve the operation, operation, sale, payment, advertising or marketing of unauthorized games of luck and chance, and ordering alerts and corresponding blockages … It is warned that compliance with this rule includes SUPPLIERS, SERVERS, ADMINISTRATORS AND USERS of global information networks, failure to comply with such prohibitions and duties will result in non-compliance with the administrative and criminal penalties contemplated in the aforementioned laws. EDGEUNO S.A.S on the other hand has implemented the filters at the network level. To further expand this information on this obligation enter Coljuegos or consult the rule to take the necessary measures.